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  • Adjustable cable lock 1
  • Adjustable cable lock 1
  • Adjustable cable lock 1
  • product description:

    Brand: Bo Yue security supplies

    Model: AC-01-1

    Color: dark red

    Material: Engineering Plastics PC

    Weight: 251g

    Cable specifications: cable diameter 4mm, length 2m (length can be customized)

  • QQ:453499317



【Safety cable lock - Adjustable cable lock AC-01-1】

a. Locked by the impact of engineering plastics made of PC material, can be customized other colors.

b. Use 1.8m stainless steel cable, cable outer layer made of UV PVC (diameter 4mm) length 2m (cable can be customized for different lengths and colors).

c. The rope is stout, locking more firmly, perfect opening and locking design, and extremely easy to use.

d. You can permanently write labels (Chinese or English) to identify the operator.

e. can be achieved 4 lock beam diameter ≤ 7mm safety padlock lock.

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Include a cable

Applicable to different occasions can be arbitrarily adjusted cable length, widely used in chemical, power, oil development industry.

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