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  • Miniature circuit breaker lock MCPO
  • Miniature circuit breaker lock MCPO
  • Safety circuit breaker lock - micro circuit breaker lock MCPO

    Product attributes:

    Brand: bo yue security protection supplies

    Color: red & black

    Model: MCPO

    Material: reinforced nylon PA

    Special note: a padlock with a diameter of less than 7mm

    Size: 35*47 (mm)

    Weight: 28.8 g

    Description: single plastic bag

  • QQ:453499317



Microcircuit breaker lock CMPO

A. Made from engineered plastic reinforced nylon PA.

B. The safe and effective means of locking miniature circuit breakers for use in European and Asian equipment.

Miniature breaker lock installation requires no tools! You can easily complete the installation with a single button.

C. Pull rod type lock. With thumb wheel, the installation can be completed quickly.

D. unipolar and multipole circuit breaker locks are available.

E. it is suggested that the padlock with a diameter of 7mm can be used with professional security padlock.

Product code: CMPO

Description: small miniature circuit breaker lock (pin outward) hole spacing is less than 12mm

Safety circuit breaker lock - microcircuit breaker lock product features:

1. Easy to use and portable

2. Made of industrial glass filled with nylon material, it is completely insulated and durable.

3. Humanized push button card design, can lock the circuit breaker firmly, prevent misoperation.

4. Global general, can be installed on various brand small circuit breakers.

5. The circuit breaker can be locked in the "open" and "close" status, which is convenient for the maintenance personnel of the equipment.

Safety circuit breaker lock - miniature breaker lock for product use:

1. Suitable for the safety locking of small circuit breakers in power equipment in general industrial plants.

2. Suitable for safe locking of small circuit breakers used in lighting distribution system.

3. For secure locking of dc small circuit breakers used in communications and photovoltaic industries.

4. Suitable for use in commercial office buildings and residential areas for use of small domestic circuit breakers for secure locking.

5. Suitable for safe locking of small circuit breakers used in outdoor engineering, building construction, power industry and petroleum industry.

6. It is applicable to secure lock for all installations with small circuit breakers.

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