The security padlock company teaches everyone to use the pins to unlock
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The security padlock company teaches everyone to use the pins to unlock

Improve the abnormal way to unlock, we first thought is to use wire, paper clips, pins to unlock. So today the company will teach you to lock the company with a pin unlock.

The first step: Take the most common example of the three-ring lock, the tool is a pin, but the novice advocated with the key ring above the fine iron ring, because the hardness is relatively large, pin is too soft, beginner is not easy to grasp.

Step 2: Straighten the pins.

The third step: hook is very important, a qualified hook, can not change the point of view, open the size of five different locks.

Part IV: will be stabbed into the keyhole, the point of view tend to lock the narrow side of the hole. Has always stabbed inside, feel the most inside there is a very flexible small lock spring, you can. Briefly said: that is to ensure that the pin is not stuck, has always stabbed to the inside.

Step 5: This step is critical, along the direction of unlocking, gradually rolling the pin, to ensure that the pin of the hook in the innermost side of the small lock spring on the inside, and then gradually rolling, not so much rolling, can also say Is about under the beating, with the ears to listen to, can hear "carbazole, carbazole it" sound, hand can feel to, but do not use brute force. When you hear the "pop" sound Cui Xiang, lock on the open, you can enter the room from the.

Safe padlock company reminder: the final pull out of the pin is also very important, the first time may be a lot of effort to pull out. How to pull into the pull on how to pull out, because the lock spring are side sections, insert a simple, pull up to trouble.