Why do not you insert the keys?
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Why do not you insert the keys?

Security lock for you to solve all the "lock" thing "lock" a problem can always find the answer here. For example, some people asked the morning to go out when the lock, or good, but will come after the cross key how to insert it?

Safety locks that there are three possible cases: 1, that is, when you pull the key did not return to the position, resulting in the keyhole dislocation (most of the keys are allocated, with the number of times, with the original Of the small, leading to keyhole than the original space to be larger, so any direction is likely to pull out the key).

2, that is, safety locks themselves have quality problems.

3, the lock was thieves with tools opened.

To three is why the key is not inserted into the key reasons, but the security lock that most cases are the first case.

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