What is the unlocked area?
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What is the unlocked area?

I believe we have forgotten the experience of forgetting the key, can not open the door can not go home how to do? At this time part of the owners will be in accordance with the cell wall unlock the phone to play in the past, solve the urgent task. But is this really safe? Today, the security padlock manufacturers to talk about this question.

Most of the small ads on the start of the phone, called the master can smooth unlock, but they will not verify the identity, just take money to open the lock to leave, regardless of let them open the door in the end who is. If some lawless elements pretend to the owners, the master can not tell the beginning.

The standard security padlock manufacturers, before the lock will ask the customer to fill out a customer registration form, detailed, not just name, phone, address, and even service items and factors, and confirmed that people need to fill one by one.

Security padlock manufacturers will hold a job card, and automatically request to view the customer's identity, property rights confirmed. Those who do not automatically produce their own documents, do not ask to view customer documents, we should be a lot of vigilance.