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  • Wenzhou boyue the safety protective equipment co., LTD. Is a professional committed to the safety lock equipment manufacturers, the company advocates "preventive security, and secondly lock security" security concept, specializing in the production of safe padlock, relief valve door locks, security cable lock, lock buckle lock, circuit breaker locks, shutdown, the scaffolding and lock your workstation, etc.My company produces the safety lock products are exported to at home and abroad, customers covering the petroleum chemical industry, power electronics, biology, medicine, food production and logistics transportation, construction and installation...
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  • Self - confidence, self - discipline, self - reliance and self-improvement: to provide customers with professional products and services with high quality and maximum value, to win customers' understanding, respect and support with sincerity and strength. Employees: trust employees' efforts and dedication, acknowledge their employees' achievements and provide corresponding returns, and create a good working environment and development prospects for their employees. Market: to reduce procurement costs and risks for customers, and provide real guarantee for customer investment. Development: pursue sustainable development goals...
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  • Bao jianfeng has been honed and refined, and after years of careful refining and building, the company has achieved outstanding achievements in the lock industry, which has won numerous awards and awards.
    honor is not only a business card representing business identity, but also a symbol of corporate strength It is also the motivation and engine to motivate and encourage the company's employees to keep forging ahead.
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